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A fabric tent liner covers the unsightly inner workings an event tent. They provide a pillowed tent liner effect that adds class to any event tent where the situation calls for an canopy liner. In a wedding Tent liner the effect of a white tent liner will complement most types of party tents. Before you buy tent liner make sure it fits the size of your tent, if this is not the case you may have to purchase a custom tent liner.

There are various types of event tents and each tent liner is designed to fit a certain style of tent. Frame tent liners are designed to fit Classic frame tents, pole tent liners are designed to fit classic pole tents, and high peak tent liners are design to fit high peak tents.


Tent Systems


Classic Pole Tents – Traditional top, pole supported tension tent with a scalloped valance.

high peak tent

Premiere Pole Tents – Pole supported tension tent with elegant high peaks, smooth curves, and a modern profile which includes a non-tensioned straight valance.

high peak tent

Classic Frame Tents – Traditional top, frame supported tension tent with a scalloped valance. Tents are assembled using the “West Coast Style” frame system which is an industry veteran for more than 30 years.

high peak tent

Master Series Frame Tents – Utilizing the industry standard “West Coast Style” frame, the Master Series tents are constructed without alligator clips / thumb buckles and the top is attached to the frame using a top tensioned curved valance that is anchored to the base plates.

high peak tent

Pinnacle Series Frame Tent – Designed and installed using tensioned cross cables instead of a center pole or interior frame, which supports a high peak flying mast generating the elegant look for any occasion. The 16 oz. blockout vinyl top is tensioned down at each corner pole using our ratcheting rope lock system. The Pinnacle Cross Cable Tents provide quick and easy storage and can be installed in minutes with only 2 people by using fewer fittings and parts than traditional pole and frame tents.

high peak tent

Pavilion Gable Frame Tent – A gable end version of the Classic Frame Tent, a Pavilion is commonly used for walk way tents that connect other tents and/or buildings. The gable end frame tent has a double sloping roof which forms a triangular section (gable) at each end of the pitched roof. Gable frame tents are popular for events when the peak height is desired for the entire length of the tent. Gable tents can installed next to existing structures with minimal water penetration.

high peak tent

Fast Shade Popup Canopy – A commercial folding popup canopy. The top is constructed of 500 Denier Polyester Fabric and the frame is available in steel or aluminum.

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